Bequest Studio

Bequest Studio is a Midwest boutique devoted to thoughtfully living through curated gifts + inspired styling. 

Bequest was inspired by beautiful wooden welcome baskets that owner Angela's Mom handmade for each of Angela's out-of-town wedding guests. As you can imagine, people raved over them. Even devoted natives wished they were far from home, so they could get their hands on one. The gesture left a lasting impression, not only on the guests, but on Angela as well.

To see loved one's faces light up with gratitude over the small token, to know they felt noticed and loved, to feel a deepened connection just from going the extra step.

    About Angela

After leaping from years of corporate creative, Angela launched Bequest Studio. She draws inspiration from greenery + flowers, faraway cultures, frequent travels with her husband Doug and fashions of the past.

Angela is a Textile Designer and Illustrator with a BFA from the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan.
She studied under a number of Italian designers who taught her advanced draping and knitwear design.

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